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Veritas Lex - Helping lawyers and associates steer their legal careers and find legal jobs with the right law firms!

Why Veritas Lex For Your Search?

Because we have the best chance of finding you a better law job.

More opportunities: In addition to informing a candidate about publicly advertised positions, we further identify firms that we know from experience would be interested in the candidate's professional profile. We discuss the different strengths and weaknesses of each firm with the candidate, and then contact only the firms that the candidate selects.

Better presentation: Just as in many realms of life, the presentation of a candidate can be as important as their substance. Thus, before making any submission to prospective employers, we assist candidates in preparing resumes and business plans that best highlight the candidate's accomplishments that firms care about; we also meticulously review alternative writing samples and recommend the one we think makes the best impression. Before interviews, we meet with candidates personally to assess their interviewing skills (making suggestions when appropriate) and let them know who they will be meeting and provide background information on each.

Better representation: We act as the candidate's representative in negotiating with the firm regarding compensation, timing of the move, and other issues of concern to the candidate.

As one successfully placed candidate recently wrote, "Veritas Lex understands both lawyers and the legal market better than any other legal recruiter in town and as a result provides excellent strategic and practical advice in exploring job opportunities. Of equal importance, the firm treats the candidates with whom it works with respect (e.g., never wasting their time, promptly returning phone calls, and providing comments and edits on materials in a matter of hours)… After I received competing offers, Veritas Lex met with me over the weekend to discuss the pros and cons of each."

For a senior partner and counsel who wanted to move to a bigger firm to provide a better platform and resources, we assisted in drafting their business plans, helped them procure multiple offers, and then assisted in determining which offer best met their needs.

For a rising star who wished to be the practice chair at his next firm, we analyzed every firm that had a practice area in his specialty (and several that didn't but might wish to begin one) by size, concentration and age of the practice chairs to determine the possibilities and probabilities of taking over a practice resulting in an attractive offer.

For a growing regional firm that wanted to expand into public policy, we assisted in finding an eight person lobbying shop that was successfully acquired as an affiliated subsidiary.

For several out of town partners seeking to come to Washington, we introduced them to a number of firms that resulted in successful placements.

For dozens of attorneys, we have revised their resumes and lead them through a complete marketing plan change, along with supplying many new business ideas and have helped them transition to their new firms.

Why Veritas Lex for Coaching Lawyers?

Because we have years of practical experience, and we know what works in law firms and what makes law firms work.

The principals of Veritas Lex have spent most of their working lives in major national law firms or working and lecturing on, and writing about, marketing and business development plans.

Marc's knowledge and background as both a lawyer with major national law firms and as a general counsel to several companies; Ron's hands-on and academic expertise in the business and marketing world; and Patti's experience as a partner actively involved in law firm recruiting and mentoring and as a Master Coach give this team the practical guidance that works in law firms.

Law firms are recognizing more and more what the business world has come to know and embrace—executive coaching helps those who excel, and those with potential to excel, take success to the next level. Lawyers who have coaches have a higher level of job satisfaction, stay at the firm longer and are better performers at the firm. Areas of coaching including practice and business development, building leadership skills, improving management skills, time efficiency, stress management and client and other interpersonal relations.