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Veritas Lex - Helping lawyers and associates steer their legal careers and find legal jobs with the right law firms!

Who We Are

Started twelve years ago, Veritas Lex has successfully matched the needs of lawyers and lobbyists, including several groups of professionals, with those of law firms and public policy shops. The Veritas Lex team also provides consulting services to law firms and coaching for lawyers. Read More

Veritas Lex, Washington DC's premier legal recruiter, finds the right legal jobs for lawyers and lobbyists.

For a partner who had to move quickly because of an unexpected conflict, we helped him draft his resume and business plan, contacted dozens of firms on his behalf, and found him a new home, all in less than 30 days from our first meeting.
His reaction: "Thanks again for all your help � you saved my life."

For a firm wanting to expand its DC office with a complementary group of lawyers, we contacted several hundred possibilities and, after more than a year of effort, added a group of seven lawyers that substantially increased the size, revenue, and profitability of the office.

For a very senior partner at a major firm, we listened closely to how he described his work and formulated a strategy for him to lead a new practice initiative at another firm–something that made him very happy and reinvigorated his approach to the law at his new firm.

For a senior government official, we helped draft an extensive business plan, introduced him to a limited number of Am Law 100 firms that met his criteria, and successfully placed him at one of the top firms in the country. Read More

What Our Clients Say: Effective, Knowledgeable, Trustworthy

“I recently made a very advantageous move as a lateral partner to a major firm thanks in large measure to the Veritas Lex team. They are effective, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. They provide excellent and professional service, and I do not think there is a better group in Washington to advise lawyers on what law jobs are out there and help them make the best move possible…” Phil G.

“At every stage of my search, Veritas Lex added value. Their long experience, mature judgment, sage advice, and aggressive work ethic helped me obtain an ideal package in a great firm. I would recommend them to anyone who's looking to trade up.” Dean C.

“Veritas Lex is a quality organization. The organization listens and is interested in what is best for the candidate in the long rather than the short term. They are in a class by themself.” Don M.

“I called Veritas Lex in July wanting to move my practice to Washington and with the firm's help I joined a wonderful firm by September. I would highly recommend Veritas Lex to anyone looking for a law job in D.C.” Chris B.

"After explaining what kind of law job I was interested in, Veritas Lex conducted a very informed, focused search and called only with appropriate opportunities. Before interviews, the recruiter arranged to meet when and where it was convenient for me, and came prepared. He was friendly, but didn't waste time. Veritas Lex is truly concerned about the well-being of the candidate." Amy Y.

"I loved Veritas Lex's confident but laid back approach. The recruiter wasn't at all pushy but very knowledgeable about DC opportunities. I highly recommend the firm." David E.